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The Basics

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a perfect portrait

Winners and Losers is hosted by me, Hank Thompson — a comedian, writer, producer, video editor, animator and lifelong American. With a background in comedy, production, politics and righteous dismay, I offer a playfully serious regurgitation of the state of the world, through video, clips, articles or just plain ole talking.

As a comedian, I make it about myself. Hopefully not too much. Okay, definitely too much. As a political commentator, I make it about big wide invisible systems that influence it all.

Visit to find out more about me and my various projects.

There's also a contact form if you'd like to book me for your show or hire me for one or several of my highly-skilled skillset of skilled skills. You can also find me on Twitter.

Originally from Chicago, now based in Los Angeles, the show began in 2010 and traces my journey from budding stand up comedian to always online loudmouth know-it-all.

Perfect Union

Perfect Union box logo on Winners and Losers
a perfect logo

Perfect Union is the news and politics wing of Winners and Losers. In it I cover trends, big and small, emphasizing history's patterns and how they relate to today while seeking to upend the enduring myths and delusions of America.

My politics have evolved over the years, moving left with each new nightmare, and so has the show. With the world rapidly racing off a cliff, there is no shortage of horrors to remark upon.

Plus I'll ramble about baldness.

Background in Progressive Media

At The Young Turks I wore many hats, including YouTube publishing, video editing, directing, studio set up and construction, camera and sound operation, digital production, live production, various on-air appearances and resident 'plastic forks are bad, aren't they?' guy.

Hank Thompson on a the Post-game show at The Young Turks
pausing for laughter during an appearance on the Friday Post Game Show

I was part of the union organizing effort which TYT met with aggressive union-busting tactics. Ultimately, the company failed to prevent its workers from exercising their right to collective action.

Hank Thompson being a camera operator
camera op for a live taping of the greatest show of all time

It was a lesson in power dynamics, to say the least. If even an ostensibly progressive company will resort to such behavior, then the only hope of a better future is standing together to demand better from our jobs, no matter how loudly the boss pretends to care about their workers. I remain a proud supporter of labor rights and workplace democracy.

I was also part of The Jimmy Dore Show during its launch in 2016, performing several roles including on-air sidekick and off-air tall bald guy with great shoulders.

Hank Thompson meeting Bernie Sanders
two balds, one smile

Winners and Losers is an ongoing project that will continue to evolve but it will always remain an outlet for my viewpoint, my humor and my feverish rambling that hopefully entertains while informing and fulfilling its original premise of honestly exploring the wins and losses of life.

Thanks for reading. Use your phone less. It's poisoning you.